Location Services

If you’re thinking of shooting in the West Country, and in particular Dartmoor National Park, you might like to think about using us to scout your locations for you, because if there’s one thing we know about more than anything else, it’s Dartmoor!

Dartmoor offers a massive range of possibilities when it comes to film making, from huge skies to deep mines, from open moorland to dense forest, from ancient tors to derelict quarries, it’s all here.

We know where everything is, we know the locals, and they know us. We understand the balance between what you need as a film maker and what the local people and authorities expect in return. We offer full location searches with detailed reports and we can also negotiate rates, fees and licenses with land owners and the National Park Authority on your behalf. We also provide location management services and can take care of all your on-site needs, including the usual stuff like caterers, drivers, and accommodation, and the more unusual stuff like livestock, tractors and even llamas.
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